Saturday, September 16, 2006



I didn't know what I was getting into when I started Humanis Rex #18. The last 2 installments have been 2 page spreads depicting an attack on the rebels' underground HQ from a distance. This time I zoom in and focus on the battle right on the ground between the troops of humanity and the aliens. It's one huge panel across 2 pages of just mass carnage. I had expected to finish drawing it in a couple of days, but here I am, several days later, still drawing it. It's just insane.

I have to finish this in the next 24 hours, illustrated, colored and lettered. I can no longer work on this tomorrow because they need this ASAP. As in ASAP. And I have to continue working on ELMER.

I'm very nearly wiped out and exhausted. I'm not complaining, mind you. I could just as easily have just hacked this out, but I won't. I can rush it, but I won't. But I will finish this in the next 24 hours, and get some rest somewhere in there.

I don't want to look back on Humanis Rex 20 years from now and say, I've done a shoddy job on that one. I wish I could go back and redo it again. THIS is the time I'm doing it so I better do it right.

I've promised myself something as soon as I hit 30. I'm not a young man anymore, and I can no longer go without sleep all the time. I have to get some sleep everyday or else I'll be useless for the next entire day, and it will affect my health for a much longer time after that. This is something I would also advice young artists. Right now you might feel indestructible, but I tell you, sleep and rest are important.

If you email me or try to get in touch with me at this time, I won't be able to respond until tomorrow. I'll be needing all remaining available time to concentrate on finishing this one.

Take care, everybody.