Monday, September 25, 2006

Komikero Videeo Blog #12

Komikero Meeting for September!
Komikero Video Blog #12

The group had its monthly meeting yesterday here in San Pablo. Before I went to the meeting, I was Godfather, along with Wilson Tortosa and Ryc Malijan, to Glen Nosa's daughter Nicole. I went to the meeting and it was great because a lot of people came, including one new member: Eroll See.

We have a special project that we're starting to put together which will hopefully see the light of day at Komikon 2007.

I've finally decided to pool all the various talents of all the individuals of the group (writing, illustrating, photography, etc.) into one project. I have hesitated to do this before because I want each member's committment to the group to begin and end only with each meeting. I didn't want to do projects that would require them to do any work outside the day set for each monthly meeting because I believe failure to accomplish such work (for various valid reasons), might make them decide not to attend the next meeting. I didn't want people to feel obligated to do things.

Having a long deadline would hopefully avoid such problems. Anyway, I'll talk more about this when I have details.

I really like the process of creation, where one pools all his resources, be it physical, emotional or mental (or all), to create something as a form of art. Sometimes it can be hard, and specially for comics it takes such a long time, but once it's done, you feel like you've acomplished something really special. It doesn't matter if it's not incredibly good, what matters is you did your absolute best and you were able to express yourself by creating *something*. It's such an amazingly positive thing.

And a lot of people are doing a lot of positive things in preparation for the upcoming Komikon next month.

As for me, I'll go disappear for a while as I work on ELMER #2. Lot's of work still to go on that one, but I tell you, creating each and every panel of each and every page is an experience I'll exchange for nothing else.

For the next couple of weeks, I'll just stop the talking and just do the doing.

See you all next month!