Saturday, August 21, 2004

Dante Perez

Dante Perez

These artworks are by cartoonist and illustrator Dante Perez from ARGH! #11 published in the Philippines by the Compass Comics Group in 1988. This 8 page story entitled "The Cursed: Mga Kwentong Diyablo", is typical of Dante Perez's grotesquely unique and disturbing artwork. I've been seeing Dante's work in some nationwide broadsheets many years ago, and the last I heard of him was that he was abroad, and that is pretty much the extent of what I know of him.

If you know Dante Perez, or if you are Dante yourself, I would love to get in t0uch with you and talk about your work, for personal curiosity, and for possible inclusion in the Masters of Philippine Comics Art book.

The copies of ARGH! Komiks, as well as several other magazines, and a book that contains artwork by Emil Rodriquez, were lent to me by Auggie Surtida. Thanks Auggie!

I'll be uploading the entire 8-page story by Dante Perez in the musuem soon. In the meantime...deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!