Monday, August 16, 2004

SIGLO: Comic Book of the Year


National Book Award Winner for Best Comic Book of 2004

From the Alamat mailing list:


The National Book Award for Comic Book goes to “Siglo:
,” edited by Dean Francis Alfar and Vin
Simbulan, published by Mango Books in cooperation with
Quest Ventures and Kestrel IMC.

Remembrance and celebration can be both rousing and
painful. That’s what Siglo: Freedom tells us. This
ambitious and thoughtful project is a reflection of
what makes us a people, explores where we came from,
how we got here and, perhaps, where we are going. It’s
a comic book anthology that makes you think—and that’s
impressive. Also impressive is the talent behind his
project: Gerry Alanguilan, Dean Francis Alfar, Nikki
Alfar, Arnold Arre, Jason Banico, Marco Dimaano,
Andrew Drilon, Honoel Ibardolaza, Lan Medina, Elbert
Or, Vin Simbulan and Carlo Vergara. Inside these
black-and-white pages, there are lessons to be learned
and truths to be found, all of them in hues of gray as
varied as the styles and tones of the different
stories. But what is clear is the spirit of aspiration
embodied by Siglo: Freedom. Just like the various
creators’ hopes for the Filipino people, Siglo:
Freedom is an indication of our reaching for that next
level of transcendence—and our willingness to give
dreams shape and shade.

-Ruey De Vera
Columnist, The Philippine Daily Inquirer