Monday, August 16, 2004



Cover Detail from Aliwan Komiks #60, February 1, 1965
Artist: Mar Santana

Mango Comics, fresh from publishing the National Book 2004 Awardee DARNA, will now be breathing new life to another of Mars Ravelo's creations, Lastikman. Yours truly will be taking care of the writing chores, National Book Awardee Arnold Arre (After Eden, Trip To Tagaytay, Mythology Class) will be drawing, and international coloring star Edgar Tadeo (Iron Man, Silver Surfer, Wolverine) will be doing the coloring.

Lastikman will be a 52-page one shot standalone story, to be released around Christmas time concurrently with the showing of a new Lastikman motion picture starring Hero Angeles. Except for sharing the logo and a new Lastikman costume, the approach and story of the movie and the comic book will be independent of each other.

I opted to go back to the original Lastikman concept by Mars Ravelo where Lastikman was an alien from another planet, and will include characters from the original Lastikman story in 1965 like Don Rufo, Vinya and Toto. Having been true to that, I've taken my own liberties with other aspects of the character and his mythos, to hopefully flesh out in my own way just who Lastikman is and where he came from.

Arnold Arre's artwork for this book has been nothing short of spectacular, and I really don't say this because of my personal interest in the project. I really do believe his work on Lastikman is by far the best black and white work that Arnold has done so far.

I'll be posting artwork here when I can.