Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Fatal System Error

Fatal Systerm Error

I've been noticing something wrong with the computer for sometime now. Once or twice a system message appeared telling me that my computer has just recovered from a near-fatal error. It worried me a bit. I just did the usual error checks and virus scans and forgot all about it.

Well, the computer made sure I didn't forget this time around when I started last night and it seemed to take a little TOO long to start. A blue screen appeared which said, "Ha! Sucker! You're SCREWED now!". Well, it didn't say that exactly, but it just might as well have. "Fatal System Error". My God. It's the first time it's happened to me. And it couldn't have come at the worst time. I'm desperately trying to finish an issue of Silent Dragon for which I'm already a bit late, and then there's the deadlines for Humanis Rex and Johnny Balbona waiting in the wings. I can't even afford to freak out, which I might have done had this happened 5 years ago when I might have handled this problem with a little less experience.

The best thing for me to do at the moment would be to buy a new hard disc install an OS in it and start fresh. Ilyn is going to Manila tomorrow and I've asked her to buy me one. I'll turn the old disc into a slave and hope to GOD that I can still salvage the files in it. The only thing of significance in my main disc is my website, and a host of scanned vintage artworks. All my work files on Silent Dragon, Humanis Rex and Johnny Balbona, and the entire 170 scanned pages of EL INDIO are on a 2nd slave disc which I'm relatively sure I can still salvage.

It's just too bad that I'm so dependent on the computer now for my work, because under any other circumstances, I would have been better off without it, just like I was when I lost my cellphone. When I lost my phone I sort of felt liberated. I still do. It's such a great feeling of freedom that I can't fully explain. I hope I can say the same with the computer, but I can't. I have to face the reality that the computer is now an essential tool in my work, and I'd be grossly disadvantaged without it.

It is unfortunate that we need to buy expensive things to do things we need to do in this age. Technology is fine, it's great! I just can't help but think I was probably born a little too late.

You can still email me at my old addresses, but right now, it's probably best to email me for the meantime at my yahoo address which is gerryalanguilan at yahoo.com. I hope to have the computer up and running again tomorrow evening. For now it's me and the neighborhood Internet cafe.