Saturday, May 13, 2006

Alcala Legacy, Wasted

Christian Alcala sent a message linking us to a photogallery of the Alcala Legacy, a series of exhibits featuring the work of Christian and his father, Alfredo Alcala.

It's a very nice collection of photographs and artwork from various exhibits here in the Philippines and the United States.


Out of the blue, a review of Wasted suddenly popped up after all these years. Vincent Coscolluela did a review of several local comics for their May 2006 issue of Gamesmaster Magazine. It's always nice to read something like this about your work, and contrary to the idea that compliments make you complacent, the opposite is true for me. Reviews like this make me feel embarassed, and push me to do a whole lot better the next time around.

Writer and Illustrator: Gerry Alanguilan
Publisher: Pulp Magazine

Testament to its popularity, WASTED has been available in many form over the past few years: in its original eight-part mini-comic debut, a compiled edition by Alamat Comics, and finally serialized and also recompiled by Pulp into a “Final Edition.”

The hundred page mini was written “during a time of extreme personal difficulty,” as Alanguilan says in the book’s afterword – and it does show in the work.

Eric, WASTED’s protagonist, goes on a killing spree after his girlfriend, Jen, breaks up with him, Instead of being a mediocre excuse for wanton violence, the book actually pulls us into Eric’s world and makes us experience in shocking visuals his own inner demons. Alanguilan’s passion for WASTED shines through in his crude, black-and-white drawings and earnest dialogue, which form an uncompromising story about lost love, one that has inevitably found its way into the Philippine comic book canon.

The magazine also reviews Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo's TRESE, as well as Arnold Arre's After Eden. Read the rest of the reviews here. Thanks to Budjette!