Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Jun Lofamia Sketch

Jun Lofamia

Erni Labao came over to visit a couple of weeks ago with a group of his officemates to visit the mini-museum in my house. Erni has an interesting Jun Lofamia story in his blog, and through that I was able to meet him. Erni brought with him this original sketch that Mang Jun wanted to give to me, along with some other drawings and prints. Thanks to Erni and specially Jun Lofamia for his generosity. And I'm really stunned at how beautiful this thing is. Looking over the other artwork he sent, I can definitely say that he is more, much much more than what we normally see of his work in Liwaway.

More and more I'm convinced that Mang Jun, and a lot of our great comic book illustrators are the unheralded master artists of our time, disadvantaged by the derogatory impression many in the art community has for those who work in "comics". More of Jun Lofamia's art in future postings.