Sunday, May 14, 2006

Power's Out

As soon as I updated this blog yesterday morning, the power went out and didn't come back until four in the afternoon today, the following day. Engrossed as I was with work, I hadn't realized a typhoon had been bearing down on us until I noticed how uncharacteristically rainy and windy it had been last Friday. All throughout yesterday and all last night I kept thinking... well, so much for web comics eh?

On a cold rainy day like this, there's nothing I'd like to do than to lie in bed with a stack of old comics. My stack consisted mostly of DC Showcase: Superman 1. If you want to have a nice fun time with some enjoyable inventive stories, check this out. There's nothing like holding something in your hands because it will always be there, electricity or not.

When you're pissed when the power is out, your monitor is dark, and you've got no ice on your coke, you realize web comics, online journals and blogs, websites, Friendsters and Deviant Arts don't really exist. They're just electronic impulses that exist when the power is on, but disappear as quickly when the switch is thrown, as intangible as quickly fading dreams.

It may be unlikely, but in the event that all this breaks down, and tomorrow there is no longer Internet and no electricty, what in hell are you going to do when you spend so much of your life online? Stare dementedly at your cold dark computer and slowly go insane, or are you gonna pick up a book, a newspaper or a comic book? There is much value in that, you might discover, and something worthwhile to do, even if there is electricity and computers and the Internet.