Friday, May 19, 2006

Elmer #1 Goes To Press

Elmer #1 finally goes to press early next week so there's a very good chance that I will be able to pick up the books by the end of the month. I was able to put together a mock up earlier today to check for typos, errors, and stuff I need to adjust. Seeing the finished thing after all that work these past months made me realize how exhausted I was and I fell asleep rather quickly.

I had a dream where I didn't feel human. In fact, I was a chicken. I was doing something I can't remember, but it was dark and there was a lot of panic. Ilyn tried to wake me up but I was so into it that I thought she was part of the dream. I half woke up, completely forgetting what day it is, what time it is, what I should be doing. I don't remember going to sleep. She was saying something like it's 9:00 o:clock but it was meaningless to me. At that moment, that world was more real to me than the one I actually have. And then I woke up, and quite honestly, I was more exhausted than I ever was. It was like the first day you recover from a long illness. You feel like you've been through something, and you're very shaken by it.

Good thing Chris Barrie was in my dream as well, which sort of made it less terrible than it would have been. I guess he's there because Brittas Empire and Red Dwarf have been constant companions throughout the creation of Elmer #1. The man's a genius!

Thanks to all those who sent in their artworks. I was able to use some of them, but not all. I was looking for artwork that would fit certain areas of the comic book, so although I may think your work is really good, it may have been not used because it didn't fit this part of the series, or I'm just waiting to use it for something else. Here is a list of people whose work are included in the first issue:

Edgar Tadeo, Elbert Or, Jac Ting Lim, Jerald Dorado, Rene Enriquez, and Solano Cruz.

There are three more issues so for those who sent in their art not included in the first issue need not worry. And if anyone still wants to send anything, you're still welcome! There's plenty of time for the other issues.

If you would like your work to pop up in the comic book, it would be far easier for me to use artwork that's completely black and white. No greyscale. My artwork for the book is black and white without greyscale so your art needs to fit in the general look. Incorporating a greyscale image in there would make it look out of place.

Here's a couple more I received, one from Carlo Fabello, and another one from Elbert Or. Thanks guys!

Elbert Or

Carlo Fabello