Friday, November 03, 2006

Abe Ocampo Art Gallery

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Abe Ocampo

Abe Ocampo's Profile and Art Gallery has just been uploaded at the online museum. Ocampo has worked an incredible 49 years in comics. He started working straight out of high school in 1957, and he is still drawing comics today at Liwayway, lending his pen to draw the adventures of SuperMando, as written by RR Marcelino.


I just finished the thing for Gilbert's TROPA, as well as a short article on inking. It's been almost a year since I inked anything I didn't pencil. It was enjoyable, but that's probably because it was only one page. I would have probably freaked if I were to ink another. It's a pretty nice page and it can be seen in the second issue of TROPA.


There are a couple of interested parties in the US with regards to publishing ELMER. I'm committed to publish all 4 issues of Elmer as well as a compilation for Philippine release through Komikero Publishing, but I had always hoped to find an interested pubisher for its compilation abroad. The logistics of distributing worldwide on my own is simply quite staggering, not to mention poverty inducing. It's been very challenging so far, distributing Elmer as far as I could, and although it's been hard, it's definitely very rewarding and satisfying.

Here in the Philippines, I now have someone who will distribute in Davao for me. His name is Ruel Sarmiento, and if you are in Davao and you are interested in getting a copy of both Elmer #1 and 2, you can email him at this address: darthleur13(at)yahoo(dot)com. He won't be getting his stocks until Saturday or Monday though.

I'm now currently working out possible distribution in Dagupan City. I'll talk about it here if and when it gets finalized.


HERO TV came to visit me last October 30 for a short interview on Philippine Comics. I took some footage of their visit which you can see below:

They interviewed me for something like 15 minutes, and based on my previous experience on things like this, I think you'll see me in the show for maybe 15 seconds. Which is perfectly OK because I'm sure they interviewed a lot of other people, and I'm sure they really don't have much time, considering they will be showing these interviews along with their Komikon coverage.

You can see the show at Hero TV for four Sundays beginning November 5 at 8:00pm.

Probe Team also interviewed me via email for their November 1 show on myths and legends. I don't know how they incorporated an email interview into the show, and I didn't have the chance to find out because I completely forgot. I must have been completely wiped out after going around several cemeteries, visiting relations that have passed on.

And me with with the now ever present camera, took some footage of that as well...

All this video thing is becoming a bit crazy. I better unplug and hide the damned thing before it takes me completely over!