Sunday, November 05, 2006

Druid's Keep Second Anniversary

Druid's Keep 2nd Anniversary/Trip To Magallanes
Komikero Video Blog #16

Thanks and congrats to Felix Cua on the 2nd Anniversary of his comics store Druid's Keep! I hooked up with Gilbert Monsanto, who was promoting and signing his new comic books TROPA and RAMBOL Komiks. I've had some long meaningful conversations with Gilbert on the state of the comics industry in the Philippines and how to possibly make it better. It is our hope that a profesional comics convention, one that would bring together those currently working in comics today to discuss such matters, would indeed push through for next year. Here's a photo of Gilbert and me outside the store.

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Just got back home and put the video quickly together so I can go to sleep. Tomorrow I continue working on Humanis Rex. I'll be doing three installments one after the other to prevent any more "skips". I'll continue working on Elmer #3 after that. More Elmer news and art tomorrow!

Good night!