Friday, November 24, 2006

Humanis Rex! Shirts! And Then Some

YES! Humanis Rex! T-Shirts! Not only shirts, but mugs, caps, bags and mousepads. Plus, Legend of Sampalok Lake Posters. HUGE ones. Check it out!

Komikero Cash Cow Cafe

Among all the stuff I did on Humanis Rex!, I really like this particular panel. I find it hilarious. It's the design that you will see mostly in the stuff being sold at the store. Let me explain a little bit about my decision to do this.

Basically, it costs me nothing. All I do is provide the artwork. The shirts and other stuff are only put together when someone puts an order for it. The store gets its cut, and I get my cut.

It's something I just wanted to try out. It's a service that's not based in the Philippines though. I don't think there's any online company based in the Philippines doing the same thing. Cafepress is based in California. This means a couple of things.

It might be a bit expensive for those buying from the Philippines, including ME. That's right. I don't get any of these free. If I want to have them, I'm going to have to buy them like everyone else.

But for someone based in the US, these things would be easily accessible.

I plan on using Humanis Rex! Wasted, Dead Heart, Crest Hut Butt Shop, and the Lake Legends for this venture. Don't look for ELMER stuff because I won't be doing them. Don't ask.

It's also possible to do books and comic books with them. It's something I will definitely look into in the future.