Friday, June 16, 2006

Floro Dery's Masterpiece

Floro Dery's Masterpiece

For those of you who remember Floro Dery as the artist of the Spiderman newspaper strip with writer Stan Lee, and as the conceptual designer of the first Transformers movie and wondered what he had been up to, he's been busy working on a project of deep personal significance, "The Universal War of Har-Magedon". He has been mentioning this project on and off on the Philippine Komiks Message Board with some passion and convinction, and I personally felt that Floro Dery was most likely creating the project of his life. When I finally saw the artwork that he had been doing, I was absolutely blown away.

In a word, these illustrations Floro Dery has done are indeed "spectacular".

The Universal War of
(The Angelic Invasion)

The biblical prophecy that will rock the world, and a panoramic visual story beyond the imaginary. A new format and style of internet story telling and comics illustration.

by Floro Dery
copyright (C) 2006 by Flor Dery

Click on the image above or HERE to read the full "visual story" as this project is described by the author. I'm not certain if this will eventually find itself in print, but I would love to see it in a huge format, as these illustrations clearly deserve. Great work, sir! You are truly one of the greats!