Thursday, June 08, 2006

No Chicken Stories

No Chicken Stories Please!

This is something I forgot to mention before. I'm open to receiving artwork for inclusion in ELMER, but please don't send me any story ideas, or your own chicken stories for me to read. I won't be able to read them, and it should be so, for both our sakes. I made the mistake of reading one story sent to me recently, but thankfully enough, aside from the fact that there's a talking chicken (an idea that's been used so often before), none of his story elements resembled mine. The danger lies in being accused of using an idea that someone else came up with.

I'm proud of the fact that this is something completely out of my imagination, informed by a couple of years of off and on research on chicken history, mythology, anatomy, poultry production, etc. I completely avoided watching anything with talking chickens in it like Chicken Run or Chicken Little and I felt paranoid whenever I saw other talking chickens in recent comics, comic strips or editorials. One Dutch guy sent me an editorial cartoon of talking chickens by a South African cartoonist. I thought... OH MAN. Once again, I'm relieved that inspite of the fact that there's talking chickens, the idea was completely different. Manix Abrera has a mutant chicken in a recent newspaper strip which I found hilarious. But thank goodness I don't have any mutant chickens in my story.

That said, I have to reiterate that I won't be reading any story ideas with chickens in it for reasons I've said. Most likely I'll just delete the message unread, for my protection and yours. Thanks for understanding!