Friday, June 23, 2006

Original Art For Sale

I've finally worked out the logistics of selling some of my original art on Ebay Worldwide. Doing it locally was rather easy, but it's tougher when taking it worldwide, specially with regard to payments and shipping. I'll be trying it out with the following artwork:

Specifically, Silent Dragon #4 Page 13, Superman Birthright #10 Page 21, and Batman/Danger Girl Page 36, all pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu. They go up on Monday, June 26. I'll post links here. Those who have been asking if I'll be selling any of my original art, this is it.

This is probably only the second time I'm auctioning off artwork. The first time was several years ago through an agent. Those pages didn't do too well, probably because they were pages I inked on print outs, meaning, I didn't ink them on original pencils. The pencils were emailed to me, I printed it out using blue ink and worked on that.

The pages above are all inked on original pencils. Which I've erased. ha! ha! Sorry, Nil.

I've always said I prefer to hold on to my originals, but I'm making the exception now in order to help fund my various publishing ventures.


Here are a couple more chicken art sent to me. The first one is by an old online pal Jason Maranto, who lettered my Ochlocrat pages. Hey, would you guys be interested if I auction off some Ochlocrat pages?

Jason Maranto

This next one was handed to me by Ace Florendo, editor/publisher of Neo Comics at the recent Toycon. It's by one of his artists, coincidentally enough, ELMER Santos Jr.

Elmer Santos Jr.

Speaking of Elmer, I did a signing for customers of Druid's Keep in Magallanes the other day, along with up and coming superstars Carlo Pagulayan and Jeff Huet (who are both currently working on Marvel's Incredible Hulk).

I continue to be pleasantly surprised at the generally positive and encouraging response to the first issue and I've received a lot of emails regarding it. I'll be putting up some soon, specially those which asked questions I would like to answer here.

By this time, ELMER should be available at Comic Quest branches at Festival Mall in Alabang, and SM City, North Edsa. In the US, it should now be available at Comic Odyssey branches at National City and Pasadena, California.

Copies will soon be available at FILBAR's in Marikina. Info on that to follow.

I'm currently working on my other big project of the moment, HUMANIS REX, part 15 of which is what's on my table. The newest Fudge issue, with Superman on the cover is already available! Allright! Back to work!