Monday, June 19, 2006

Toycon 2006

I really hadn't planned on going to this year's Toys and Collectibles Convention at the Megatrade Hall, Megamall, but Raipo Toledo ang the UGOKS were kind enough to offer me a bit of space at their booth for me to sell my comics. Thanks guys!

It turned out to be a fruitful event, with the hundred or so copies of Elmer I brought selling out long before Day 2 ended. It was surprising, as hardly any of my previous Toycon experiences have elicited an ethusiastic response as this one. I was concerend that at P50, Elmer #1 might have been too expensive, but I've just got the opposite response from those who bought copies. Many times during the 2 days people would pass by, vaguely curious about a comic book with talking chickens, asking how much but it was quite clear they really didn't intend to buy. But when they heard how much it was, they seemed really surprised and bought copies right away.

That's good news to me because I'm not exactly losing money over that retail price, and that hopefully, they like it enough to buy the rest of the series.

Shot from Day 2 when I still had some stocks left. .

From Left: Ryan Orosco, Leinil Francis Yu, Carlo Pagulayan, Bong Seriosa and me. (Thanks Az!)

That shot is from Day 1. I think we also had Wilson Tortosa roaming around at the same time, it's too bad we weren't able to get a pic together. Me and Ilyn spent the night at Leinil's place with Edgar Tadeo and Ryan Orosco. Thanks to Leinil and Yai for their hospitality!

Komikeros me, Jonas, Johnny (straight from the airport from Mindanao!), and Raipo.

The Alfredo Alcala Legacy Exhibit

Komikeros me, Henry, Ilyn, Rod, Jerald and Raipo