Saturday, June 24, 2006

Silent Dragon Original Art Sale

Here's a page I've put up for auction at Ebay worldwide, a page from Silent Dragon #4, written by Andy Diggle, pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu, and published by Wildstorm/DC comics.

Click on the image above or this link to go to the listing at Ebay. I'm putting up one first, just to see how it goes. It's a bit complicated to put up a listing, actually, specially for someone doing this for the first time. Unlike Ebay Philippines, selling on Ebay worldwide has a lot of requirements.

Payments to me can be made via I wish I can sell Elmer at Ebay, but I'm afraid Xoom only accepts a minumum of $25 per transaction, so that pretty much rules that out.

Coincidentally, the trade paperback compilation of Silent Dragon is also being released this month.

If you've been looking for original art from this title, here's your chance. Not only do you get some really nice artwork from Leinil, you also get bits of his DNA too, as a bonus! (Check out the left edge of the paper. ha! ha!)