Thursday, June 01, 2006

Elmer, No Internet

Yesterday was exciting, but rather just a little bit frustrating as well. The printers promised the delivery of ELMER at the house in the morning, by noon at the most. That was ok because I had been waking up later and later recently because of the long nights I've been spending working (and Red Dwarfing). I planned on getting up at 9 to go to town to get my payment ready, and be back before they arrived.

Me and Ilyn woke up at 8 in the morning, startled that the printer's truck is already outside the house, honking. Oh man! I quickly but groggily opened the door to let them in. Oh my God! The comics look very nice! I just sat there looking over the thing over and over and oh shit, I think I spotted at least three typos. Crap! But that's ok. I was just over the moon.

I had to go back with the truck to town to pick up the payment, but on our way out, we hit some wires and with a snap and a shwing, the wire snapped and zoomed into a far post. Oh man! I thought, quickly! Let's go! I thought I'd sort it all out later when I got back, whoever and whatever that line belongs to. It looked like a Cable TV wire so I thought it wasn't life threatening or anything. Besides, the electrical wires are bigger and much more higher up.

I got back home after thirty minutes. I opened the TV. We had cable. Whew! I opened the computer to check my mail and email the printers, but before I could log on, the power went out. Shit. I picked up the phone to call my folks to ask if they too had no power. No dial tone. Oh Double SHIT!

And then I realized. Oh crap! It was OUR phone line that got hit. Normally, it wouldn't bother mo TOO badly if I had no Internet, but I had an auction ending at Ebay and I needed to attend to it. I had to get in touch with people with regards to the delivery of Elmer at the stores. I went immediately to PLDT to report the problem (and pay my overdue bill. he.he.). Hopefully, it will all get sorted out this week. I'm not about to count my chickens and expect it to be one in just a couple of days.

For the meantime, I'm at a cafe in town. Logging into Ebay was a great surprise. The Wasted copy I was auctioning off sold for 355 pesos! Oh man!! I wish I had more of those! he.he. But unfortunately, I hardly have any copies left myself. I wanted to sell that one copy just to see how it would do. I'll be selling other stuff once my phone and Internet comes back.