Thursday, October 26, 2006

Calling for Volunteers!

Calling For Volunteers!

The very first regularly published comic book in the Philippines, HALAKHAK KOMIKS (1946), lasted only 10 issues. The main problem had to do with distribution, about getting comics out there nationwide and then getting paid for it.

The problem is still true today with the many new publishers emerging in the wake of the old industry's demise. For a self publisher based in San Pablo City, Laguna, how in the world am I going to get my comics sold in Zamboanga, or Baguio or Laoag?

And that's where you guys who regularly visit this blog come in. I need volunteers for an experiment in an alternate form of distribution. This is how it works...

If you are based anywhere outside Laguna or Manila (that's because Laguna and Manila are already covered by me), and you agree to be a distributor, just get in touch with me at gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com.

The deal is basically this... you would buy copies from me outright where I will give you a discount, then I will send the copies to you via Air 21 at my expense. Payment to me is to be deposited at any Metrobank branch. Now it depends on you how much you will ultimately sell it. Sell it for more than retail price if you need to, but hopefully not too much.

I will announce at my message board and at this blog that ELMER is available in your area, be it Baguio, or Davao, or Zambales or Pampanga, through YOU, and I will provide them with your contact information, be it email, landline or cellphone. Indicate to me if you are willing to share your phone numbers publicly, if not, I will only provide your contact number to the specific person who inquires.

It depends on you how you get the copies to your buyers. You can either meet them or mail them. If you have a store you can display it ...whatever you like.

You can order anything from 5 copies and above. An order of 15 copies or more comes comes with 2 free signed copies, and a free ELMER sketch! An order of 5 copies of more comes with 1 free copy and an ELMER sketch!

If you order less than that 5 copies or if you just want to order ELMER from me directly for your own personal use, then you still get the free sketch. Unfortunately, personal orders don't come with a discount.

In this way, an alternate distribution system will be set in place. Who knows, as this industry grows, you could accept more titles from other creators, and maybe this will turn out to be a good business. And you would also be helping not only me and Komikero Publishing, but helping uplift the comics industry as well! Let's all see! There's no harm in trying! :)

If you have any questions, comments, suggestions, please feel free to email me at gerryalanguilan at yahoo dot com

Thanks to Rizaldy Manrique for being the first one to volunteer. Actually, he gave me the idea to do something like this. Aldy is from BICOL, so anyone based in Bicol, specifically NAGA, would soon be able to get copies from him. This is his email: aldyboy21(at)yahoo(dot)com.