Saturday, October 21, 2006

Immediate Post Komikon Update

Immediate Post Komikon Update

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Whew! Just got back from the Komikon. That's me and veteran Filipino comics illustrator Jess Jodloman who visited the Komikero booth. I'm just dropping this note to say what a terrific time everybody at Komikero Publishing had, and I have to say this is far FAR better than last year's Komikon. There are LOTs more people, lots more new Philippine komiks seeing publication, lots more pros in attendance. I gotta say, I really enjoyed myself, and I came away carrying really good feelings about comics, and being a creator of comics. It's such a great job to have, and such a great community to be part of.

Right now, I just want to collapse in bed after all the drama of finishing Elmer #2 and preparing for the con(the printer delivered a few minutes before the Komikon doors opened). I'll be posting a far FAR longer article specially for Newsarama on what went on, but I'm afraid it won't be as comprehensive as I would have wanted. I was tied to my table for most of the time signing, sketching and meeting people, and I didn't have much chance to go around.

But I think I got some really OK photos, videos, for an extra long video blog.

(Thanks to Erwin Cruz for the photo!)