Sunday, October 01, 2006

Typhoon Milenyo

Typhoon "Milenyo"
September 28-30, 2006
San Pablo City

A few hours after my last post, power got knocked out when a particularly strong typhoon hit our town directly (as well as many other heavily populated areas including Manila). "Milenyo" as it is named locally, hit San Pablo City around 8 in the morning, and hung around uprooting trees, toppling and breaking electric posts, peeling off rooftops, flooding streets, and generally making a huge mess for the next three hours. I took some footage of the early rains the night before here.

On the day itself, I managed to take some footage of the effects of the Typhoon, as well as photos of the devastation afterwards.

The power was knocked out for several days. Which wasn't too bad because it was a great opportunity to just hunker down and draw ELMER. And I managed to do much more work because of it! I took advantage of the daylight on the porch during the day, and worked by candlelight at night. We had plenty of food and water stored so those things never became a problem.

We were lucky, considering what happened in many other places. As of this writing, 76 people are confirmed dead, and hundreds of homes have been demolished.

Comics inker and colorist Edgar Tadeo (Wolverine, Silver Surfer, Iron Man) also made a video from his perspective in Manila: