Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Two Weeks To Komikon 2006!

Two weeks to go to Komikon 2006
! And I'm *still* drawing Elmer #2! I only have a week left to finish drawing it before I have to turn it over to the printers. So this week will be... well... interesting to say the least.

Even though I know the printer's deadline is bearing down on me, I can't help but pick the most difficult of shots to draw, and the ones requiring the most detail. I can't *not* do it because I believe it helps tell the story. Ultimately for me, it's all about telling the story the best way I can. I won't say right now exactly how many pages I have left to draw, because I myself don't know.

I'll talk about the process of doing Elmer later on when I've actually finished it.

I've done Elmer and Philippine Comics interviews with two major Internet comics news/commentary news sites. One of them is scheduled to appear right before Komikon. I'll provide a link whenever any of these come out. Thanks to Tom and Benjamin! I really appreciate it!

Forbidden Planet has once again ordered huge amounts of not only Elmer #1, but even more copies of #2! I can't disappoint them now!

Back to work!