Sunday, October 08, 2006

Comic Odyssey Opening/Comic Book Signing

Comic Odyssey Opening/Comic Book Signing
Komikero Video Blog #13

It was a reunion of sorts at the signing yesterday. I haven't been together with my Superman Birthright team of Leinil Yu and Edgar Tadeo in a while. We're all working on many different things. Leinil is pencilling New Avengers, Ed is coloring The Innocents (and inking something else), and I'm well, writing and drawing CHICKENS. Damn it, what a job!

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Me, Leinil and Ed

Other guys who came were Carlo Pagulayan and Jeff Huet, the team working on Incredible Hulk at the moment, and Wilson Tortosa who.... I forgot what he was currently working on, but he did work on the Tomb Raider comics as well as Battle of the Planets.

Trese's Budjette Tan and Mango Jam's Karen Kunawicz came by to visit as well, along with Westside's Ariel Atienza, 50 Peso Ninja's Lico Reloj and I'm sure a lot of other people came, but I can't remember because it was quite crowd and we were all proccupied signing and sketching.

About sketching at these events, apologies to all those who asked for sketches, but like I've already rather embarassingly admitted to some of you (and have proven), I'm a bad sketcher. I'm not really a fast drawer so it takes me a long time just to draw. And don't ask me to draw a woman because that would just give me panic attacks. I have difficulty drawing that even when I'm home.

But in case you're hell bent on asking a sketch of something say, Wolverine in his original costume from 1975, well, bring reference will you? Even though we do work in comics, we don't have these things memorized. Someone asked me to do a Robin and Batman yesterday, but I tell you, I don't even remember what they look like exactly enough for me to draw them accurately. At the Komikon, if you're going to ask for a sketch, I'll already apologize in advance for not doing it very well.

However, ask me to sketch a chicken, well, I can do THAT. I'd be HAPPY to do that. I draw nothing but chickens right now. My head is FILLED with chickens. That's my entire world. I'd have no problem drawing chickens, and I'll even THANK YOU if you asked me to draw it. I did several Jake sketches yesterday and it was great fun!