Sunday, July 22, 2001

Aw, man, I feel so bad again. My nose clogged with like a huge ball of phlegm, coughing fits, I'm glad I don't have a fever but I fear I may be getting there. I've been feeling like this for the past 3 days. Trying real hard to fight it off because I've got lots to do. So far I've kept my hair straight. You know when you get sick pretty soon your hair is all messed up and you look like a zombie. But I've managed to avoid that and look like I'm NOT sick. God damned mosquitoes. It's their fault. I've been sleeping without a mosquito net for years now. Maybe that's the problem. With DENGUE so common today (5000 cases reported nationwide, 50 dead), I really got to be more careful.

Anybody else getting those damned Nigerian spam email that reeks of money laundering scam? I've been getting an average of 2 of those a day! It's getting ridiculous.