Tuesday, July 31, 2001

Damn, I had to kill a snake today. A real snake! It wasn't all that big, but it was still damned scary. I was washing dishes when I suddenly heard whacking noises in the dining room. I looked, and my mom was pointing to this snake which she seems to have killed. I looked at it and thought that it might only be stunned. I got a dust pan and when I picked it up, it jerked and coiled crazily. I ran outside to the garage and crushed its head with an umbrella. And damn it was still going nuts. I had to crush it in several places to make sure it was dead before I threw it out the road.

It was the second snake we discovered today. My cousin Kute found another, much bigger snake out in the patio earlier today. We had to kill it too. Why is man's instinctive reaction to snakes is to kill them? I don't know for sure, but there are chances that they could be poisonous and could kill us, I guess.

And speaking of other cold blooded animals, a lizard took revenge on me the other night. Remember the stupid lizard story I mentioned earlier in this journal? The one whose tail I accidentally cut off? I had come to call him "PUTOL" fondly. Putol meaning something like "cut off, cut in half". Well, he still hangs around the room, but he's amusingly paranoid. Unlike the other lizards, this one reacts strongly to me. When it sees me, even when I'm far away, the thing quickly scampers away and hides. Well the other night, something happened. I was about to go to sleep. The lights are out, I'm lying on my bed, my shirt up to my neck because I was scratching my stomach. Then I suddenly felt something wet drop on me. I felt it on my stomach and it felt ew, DISGUSTING. A lizard shat on me! I turned on the light, and on the ceiling I saw it, trying to scamper away. It wasn't Putol. It was probably a friend of his. Oh man, I was so pissed. I picked up whatever I could in my hands; coins, erasers, candles, combs, pencils, whatever and I tried to hit the damned thing off the ceiling. But damn it, no matter what I do, I couldn't hit the damned thing! He got away clean. DRAT!

Drawing Ochlocrat

I knew that most of the action taking place in Ochlocrat would be in a stretch limo. I needed reference. I went out to buy magazines and I tried to see if I could find a model. I looked at SM's Toy Kingdom and other toy stores out there and I couldn't find what I was looking for. The best I could find was THIS:

What can I say? It was the only one I could find. It looks too old for what I need, but I got the magazines for that. I can at least use this for figuring out angles and perspectives and to get a feel of how a vehicle of this sort looks like in 3D.