Thursday, July 19, 2001

Whoa hey, look! I've rearranged, repainted and repaired my blog! Cool eh? Blogger added a whole new bunch of templates to choose from. Which is great for me since I still don't know HTML that well yet.

Gad, I'm feeling a little bit sick again. But it's not so bad. hung around the bed longer this morning, but I'm back to drawing. I'm really feeling good about the pages I've so far done. I had been scared because I had been inking and not really drawing for such a long time. I was concerned that I may have lost it, that I can't draw anymore. I'm still struggling, but things seem to be doing OK. I have to finish doing Ocholocrat within a month because sometime middle of next month, I'll be inking Leinil's new book for Cliffhanger. He sent over a promo piece of the characters before he left for San Diego and it looks cool...and a lot of FUN!