Friday, July 06, 2001


Head on over to my MAIN SITE for lots of updates. No new art yet, but I've rearranged the articles a bit, added a new Artist of the Month, and added a Pictures section.

The new Artist of the Month is Alfredo Alcala. I've uploaded an amazing piece of art by him which I think has been rarely seen. It's a page from an old issue of Man Thing from Marvel. I got it many years ago at Booksale. The comic's cover was torn off but the art was really interesting. When I saw it was by Alfredo, I flipped. It looked terrific.

I've also put up a Pictures section. A little self indulgent, but what the heck. It's MY site. he.he. See me thin! With long hair! See Mimiws in the uh....FUR.