Tuesday, July 10, 2001

I just learned today that Ochlocrat will be in black and white. Which is just fine with me. I just need to go back to the pages I've done and add some texture on some places to compensate. I think I may have gone overboard with some of the textures, I think. Oh well. I think I'll be able to post at least a panel here or there when I'm done.

I went on a Big Country CD buying binge. I bought a couple of them in the past week alone. Pretty much everyone I talked to know Big Country for their song "In A Big Country", but they've got lots of terrific songs aside from that. Though they are an 80's band, their music never gets dated or old. I bought all their cassettes when they first came out, and now I'm buying them again on CD. I sometimes go soundtripping and nostalgicate (tm). :) A friend of mine says I'm on that nostalgic mood again, but I realize I'm a nostalgic person by default. Does that mean I like to live in the past? Maybe, but naah. I just like to reminise a lot, and get on with my work and my life.