Wednesday, July 18, 2001

This is the time I usually pack my bags and leave for San Diego for the comics convention. I want so badly to go. If I had the money I would have. It's always fun going to America, to San Diego and the convention. I miss the cool air, the unmistakable smell of brewed coffee and newly baked bread that defines the smell of America for me. I miss the uncensored Cinemax and HBO, the huge servings of chili, burger and fries. I miss the thrill of striking out on my own, with only my wits and my maps to guide me. This is the time of year I feel my wanderlust more strongly than any other time. And it's painful when I don't get to go anywhere for some reason or another.

The feeling passes quickly though. There was a time in San Diego in 1999, the last time I went, when there was nothing else on my mind but to go home. America is a nice place to visit, but I feel I can't stay there for long.

My site was just nominated for a Philippine Webby. I'm quite unsure as to how to take it. I'm flattered that someone out there feels my site is worthy for nomination, but I've seen many other sites out there that have blown my mind. My site is simply not in their league. I have to reply to the nomination so that my site can be entered and I'm still debating whether to do it or not. Any opinions out there?

I just saw Castaway on DVD. I never expected I'd like it as much as I did. Tom Hanks is truly one heck of an actor, and truth be told, I was never a Helen Hunt fan until I saw this movie. She really blew me away. She was on screen for what? 15, 20 minutes? And yet her performance was both subtle and powerful and so moving that I could not help but fall in love with her a little bit. The plane crash was simply harrowing. It was probably the most frightening plane crash I've ever seen on any movie.

I also finished reading Neil Gaiman's American Gods. It's a wonderful novel and I strongly recommend it to anyone who not only loved Sandman, but to anyone who likes to read something unique. Damn, this Gaiman fella is GOOD.