Friday, July 27, 2001

I'd Like To Put Some Morons in a Jar

Damn, I'm so gullible, I can't believe it. Someone sent me a link to this site: It's a site that purports to put live kittens in a jar for decoration purposes. Wow, I found myself getting angry. I love cats. And to see something as horrible as this being done, well, it could get anyone mighty steamed. Well, it turns out to be a huge cruel joke, and no kittens were really harmed. Well, that's one joke that's done in really poor taste. Who knows how many whackos out there who believed it as much as I did and started doing it to THEIR kittens?

It was so easy for me to believe in it. What does that say about me, and about my fellow man? Man was capable of killing millions of Jews simply because they were Jews. Man was capable of dropping atomic bombs on Japanese cities with thousands and thousands of innocent people. Man was capable of throwing Filipino babies into the air and catching them with their bayonets, laughing in the process. Compared to that, kittens in a jar is NOTHING. If man is capable of doing those things, I'm capable of believing the worst in them.

Secondly, "Free Speech" is probably one of the most abused phrase ever in the history of modern man. I thank it for allowing me to say what I want to say in this forum. But sadly there are a lot of stupid, cowardly people out there who say all kinds of stupid, moronic, insensitive, horrible and despicable things and then hide behind the skirts of "Free Speech". I say cowardly because they flaunt their right to say what they want and yet refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences. In fact, they throw back what consequences their words have created back at those that they have victimized. You think you're smart, but you're NOTHING.

Who Wants to be A Millionaire, Pinoy Style

For want of something to watch on TV, I turned in to the Pinoy version of "Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?" hosted by Christopher De Leon. They really must have spent a lot on production values because the sets are amazing. The pacing is quite fast and the watching quite enjoyable. Oftentimes I found myself screaming at the set saying something like "The answer is D! you fool! Ringo Starr is the oldest Beatle, everybody knows THAT!!"

And just as I was really enjoying the show, it pissed me off BIG time. One of the questions asked was, "What does a magazine called "Bondage" contain?" A. Sexual Techniques B. International Espionage C. International Banking (or something like that) D. James Bond.

Pervert that I am, the answer is simple! Sexual Techniques! I kept screaming the answer at the contestant, who seemed to honestly didn't know what the word meant. He looked quite religious and quite conservative, so it's understandable that he might not have encountered the word before. He used up ALL his lifelines just to have a hint as to what it could possibly mean. In the end, he chose Sexual Techniques. Guess what? They called it wrong, and said the right answer was James Bond. Why? The host Christopher De Leon said that it was a family show and that they cannot have an answer like that. The contestant lost. What the FUCK? If they cannot allow an answer like that then why the fuck did they pass that question in the first place?? Morons. It's MORONS where ever I go. I can write a whole article on my typical day where I can enumerate the many instances of stupidity I see on TV, on the street, on the bus, jeeps etc., and I'd continue writing to Kingdom Come and I still won't be finished.

Drawing Ochlocrat

Here is a panel from a page I'm doing for this book. Believe it or not, this is as far as I go on the pencils.

Very loose huh? Sometimes it's even looser. It's probably why I can never be just a penciller, because I find it difficult to be more tight with my pencils. I have to have to ink it myself because I don't really draw with the pencil. I draw with ink. I come from that school of comic book art where separate pencillers and inkers are really unheard of. All the artists who originated in the Philippines (at least until recently) have pencilled and inked their own work, and treated that process as not 2 separate steps but as one. It is only mainly in America where comics need to be turned out on a monthly basis did the drawing of the page was split into two steps between two people so the pages could be finished faster. The aesthetics of having one artist as opposed to 2 is a whole different article all together. Maybe next time.

I'll put the inked version of this panel here later on...