Tuesday, July 03, 2001

A preview of the X-Men annual I had been working on has been released at Newsarama. The annual is written by Grant Morrison, pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu and inked by some inker who suspiciously looks like me!! Check it out!


The format is fascinating because it's laid out horizontally. Nothing new in comics, but the difference is that the staples will be on the shorter side. Never been done in standard format comics yet, I think. It's been done in some Garfield books and other compilations of comic strips, but I think this is the first time it's been done on comics of this sort. Can't wait to see it myself!!.

Started working on Ocholocrat. Loads of fun because I finally get to strut my own stuff. I can't post any of the pages here yet, but there is one artwork that I can share. Nothing to do with Ocholocrat. It's art that I did for Filipino singer-songwriter Cholo Paz and his upcoming CD. I'm a huge fan of this guy and when he asked me to draw something for him, I was stunned, literally.

I don't know when the CD is coming out but I'll let everyone know when it does. If you like Filipino folk music with a twist, I highly recommend it. Yep, I heard some of the songs already and they're terrific.

If you're a fan of the film The MUMMY, stay away from the Region 3 version of The MUMMY: Ultimate Edition DVD!! I was pissed because the package lists a full screen version of the film on Disc 2 but it isn't there at all. What a rip off. Get Region 1. Screw Regional Coding. I went to the Universal Pictures website to complain. I filled out their feedback forum. Bam! Error. The error message tells me to write to an email address listed there in case of error. I did. Bam! The email bounces back to me, telling me "Returned Mail: User Unknown". Holy Shit! Ah screw it.

Go to bed. Watch Wowow. Hope something interesting pops up. Wowow watchers know what I mean. he.he.