Thursday, July 12, 2001

A new issue of PULP has just come out. I think all the files to this were already in Hong Kong for printing when the fire happened. Fortunately, this was also the issue of PULP where the last installment of WASTED appears in. I'm not sure if the magazine will still continue, but it's likely because Vernon doesn't seem like a guy easily fazed by things like this. Plus, one of the editors told me that they are currently rebuilding their offices.

A new Fantastic Four Annual has just been released. It includes a short story written by Jeph Loeb, pencilled by Leinil Francis Yu and inked by ME!! he.he. Cool beans inking the Thing. Bummer they spelled my wrong again. For the Xmen annual, I contacted Richard Starkings directly. No mispellings on this one. I made sure of that! Once I get a copy of the FF annual, I'll post the cover here, as well as artwork from it.