Sunday, August 28, 2005

Bandwidth Exceeded

Bandwidth Limit Exceeded

Wow, for the first time ever, I've exceeded my bandwidth limit for! That means the traffic on my site for the past month had been so big that I've reached the amount of traffic my site can handle. The limit is actually pretty high as it is, so the traffic must have been quite extraordinary.

To get additional bandwidth at my current host would be a bit more expensive than I can afford. It's either I move to a less expensive host offering the same features (or more), or get an additional hosting elsewhere to supplement my current one.

I really can't do anything about it now as I'm really up to my neck in work, so the Komikero site, as well as the Online Museum shall be down until the end of the month, as my bandwidth will be reset to zero on September 1.

It's a good thing that, which hosts this blog, and Photobucket, which hosts most of the recent graphics, have pretty much unlimited bandwidth so they won't be going down anytime soon.

Hope you all come back when the site comes back up on September 1 with a lot of new updates!