Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Roy and Me

Roy and Me

Roy Allan Martinez, the first penciller I worked with on a regular basis in the 90's, really liked putting cameos of us on the pages of the comic books we were working on. The first time he did this was on Grifter #10:

Roy is the one holding the camera, while I'm in the background with the neo-Philippine flag on his shirt.

The next time Roy drew us was in Hazard #1 (Wildstorm):

There we are enjoying the sights of Las Vegas (although we've never actually been there.) Roy is the one with the Fear Factory shirt, I'm the one with the Alamat Comics shirt. Wow, I really must have been very thin back then for Roy to draw me that way.

Next, Roy not only drew the both of us, but he drew Gilbert Monsanto and Edgar Tadeo as well in Wildstorm Spotlight #2 Featuring Steven Grant's LONER:

From left, it's Roy, me, Gilbert and Edgar. Roy gave me a haircut for some reason.

Other artists like Whilce liked to draw in cameos of people he knew as well. I just might feature that too later on. :)