Monday, August 01, 2005

Jim M. Fernandez

Jim M. Fernandez
Dalaginding na si Tessie
Tagalog Klasiks #147, February 19, 1955

I'll be featuring artists that I've not yet featured on this site so far, beginning with one of the country's most popular comic book creators, Jim Fernandez. Jim started out in comics with a style that is highly influenced by Nestor Redondo (as can be seen here), but he soon found his own style of drawing as the years went on.

But what made Jim Ferndandez a hit with the readers was his writing, specially when he created the one of the Philippines' most popular characters, ZUMA on the pages of Aztec. As the demand for his writing increased, Fernandez gave up illustrating altogether to concentrate on writing stories including a follow up to AZTEC called Anak ni Zuma, Gorgon, Astrobal, Cannibal, Jeric-The Boy from Mars, Polaris, Virga, Brobo, Angkan Ni Zuma, Mission: Jupiter, and so on.